Dear Architects,

we are so excited because Cleopatra and the Society of Architects has been featured in two world-famous gameboard-related channels we are long-time fans of: The Game Boy Geek and Dice Tower Unboxings!

Lots of dual-layered, thick carboard components (…) these are in sturdy plastic, too (…) here we’ve got some painted miniatures and wow that’s really impressive (…) really pretty impressive looking (…) look at that, you place your corruption right in there: that is really cool! It’s a neat little touch, they could have just put a slot in there but they have a kind of one that closes up: pretty nifty! (…) They are not exaggerating when they refer to this as a Premium Edition (…) these mosaic tiles which are thick and they’re really, really beautiful (…) these printed pillars look amazing (…) The component quality is remarkable. I don’t that I’ve got a great word for it other than it’s just really impressive” 

Click here to watch it on youtube!

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