Welcome back, you architects!
Are you ready for another episode about new rules?
Today we will talk to you about the worshippers of Sobek.
The worshippers of Sobek are corrupted characters that may offer their services to you throughout the game.
In the previous version, the worshippers of Sobek were represented by cards shuffled into the main deck and you could get them when visiting to the Market.
In the new version, they are five characters represented by tiles:
THE BEGGAR – Draw 4 cards from the main deck.
THE MERCHANT – In this turn, you can build with 2 less resources.
THE ARCHITECT – In this turn, earn 4 Talents for each building built.
THE FOREMAN – In this turn, you can build with 2 less Artisans.
THE VISIR – In this turn, you can visit the Market AND the Quarry.

At any time during your turn, you can ask for worshippers of Sobek’s help. They are very powerful but the price to pay is very high.
So be careful not to abuse them too much!

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