New artwork ready!

Dear Architects,

Miguel Coimbra is an amazing artist. We are always super excited when he sends us his artworks, and always glad to have the chance to work with him (both in this and in the next project).

This is his last creation, the alternative cover for the exclusive artwork add-on!

And if this wasn’t valuable enough, this print will be signed by the designers themselves with a fine, golden pen! Who is excited as we are?


Painted palace!

Dear Architects,

we would like to show you the first sample of the painted palace!

This is the very first sample, with sample materials, but we hope it can give you an idea of the final paint.

What do you think?


Stripe is active and now you can pay with your credit card, too

Dear Architects,
the pledge manager is live and fully functioning.
You should all have received our invitation email. If not, do not hesitate to contact us at

Furthermore, starting from now, you can pay not only with PayPal but also with a credit card. We have activated Stripe, that allows you to do this.
Moreover, we have introduced a new option with which you can change your delivery address also after your payment.

For any doubt or question, please contact our customer care service at! We will do everything in our power ensure you an effortless experience.


Mojito Studios Team

The pledge manager is open

Dear Architects,

the time has finally come… our pledge manager is now open on !

Completion of the Pledge Manager is the single most important part of ensuring that you receive your pledge. All backers will be mailed a link to their own personal Pledge Manager.

So, check your inbox! If you don’t receive anything in the next 48 hours, check your spam folder first; if you don’t find it there either, then don’t hesitate to contact us at

On the Pledge Manager you will be able to change your pledge, add copies and add-ons, choose the language of the game and, most important, confirm your address and pay the shipping costs.

The deadline for submitting and paying for your pledge is August 31th, 2019. Don’t be late!

MAKE SURE YOU PAY AND CONFIRM YOUR PLEDGE BY THE DEADLINE. We will produce based on the numbers of confirmed orders. If you don’t confirm your pledge by the deadline, your package will only be shipped after everything else has been delivered and you could incur in higher shipping costs and possible customs fees for international backers. Or, if we run out of a product, we may have to cancel your pledge as per our terms and conditions.

The Late Pledge function is live too: if someone missed the campaign and would like to join now, it is still possible!

For any doubt or question, please contact our customer care service at!

3679 THANK YOU! The Queen is pleased!

Dear Architects,

a huge THANK YOU from the Mojito Studios team for making Cleopatra and the Society of Architects Deluxe a reality!

This has been a great success: 781% of goal, 3679 backers, 18 stretch goals unlocked … what else can we ask for?

You are really fantastic!

And now what will happen?

We are planning to open our pledge manager within three/four weeks. There you will be able to change your pledge, add copies and add-ons, choose the language of the game and confirm your address to pay the shipping cost.

We will keep you updated on production development periodically.


Meanwhile, an exclusive news for you (you are the first to know): we are already working on our next project: the new edition of “Think str8!” by Leo Colovini. Also this time Miguel Coimbra will be in charge of the graphic restyling and we look forward to showing you something soon.

So stay with us, we’re gonna do great things together.

Again thank you very much for all your incredible support!



Mojito Studios Team


Giovanni, CEO at Mojito StudiosI wanted to write personally this message to say thank you, really, for what you all are doing. This project has been a wonderful experience for us and we are so proud to see many of you working together with passion to make this game real and even better from what we offered at the beginning, thanks to your suggestions and the SG unlocked. Games are games at the end of the day, people really matter. I hope I will have the chance to meet you all personally. All of us learned a lot from you along this ride, now we really can’t wait to start producing the game. Life can surprise you. You did.